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Jess Kamens Photography: Photography Workshops Rochester NY

Jess Kamens is a certified and experienced Art teacher. Workshops come with nearly two decades of teaching experience. Learn photograpy as an art form. Photography classes Rochester NY.


"I've always wanted to do photography, but I never felt confident in my abilities. After the first photography lesson with Jess, my confidence was through the roof. I felt like I really understood my camera and it's settings. I left each and every lesson feeling 10x more educated and confident than I did before. She's a natural born teacher. Definitely worth every penny!"
- Carleigh

"I contacted Jess as a photography teacher mainly because I loved her work and wanted to learn to improve my own. As an advanced amateur, I knew the functions of the equipment and was comfortable shooting but needed an experienced eye to zoom in on my failings and show me how to correct them. Our first lesson she looked at some of my photos and immediately knew what I had to start doing so she set me some homework based on what she saw. It is no exaggeration that we were both amazed at the HUGE improvement we both saw by my next lesson just two weeks later, all due to her eye and her guidance. I continue to take lessons with her and can wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher, a photographer, and just as a great person." - Jeffery


I am a trained and experienced teacher of 14 years and enjoy so very much passing on my knowledge to and through my students. My thoughts surrounding teaching are very simple. I strive to provide a safe and productive environment where students can work, learn, share, express and inquire while being exposed to success, failure and cooperative endeavor. It is important to me to help my students, of any age, discover their own personal, creative vision, within a learning environment that provides the comfortable guidance that they need. 
If you are interested in private or group lessons, please use the contact form below so we can customize the perfect workshop for you.

PHOTOGRAPHY for beginners

  • camera operation and settings
  • portrait photography
  • street photography
  • indoor low-light photography
  • landscape photography
  • candid shooting
  • design & composition of a photograph
  • additional technical photography knowledge
  • tips, tricks and techniques
  • post processing (Lightroom and Photoshop techniques and strategies)

... and more!



All of the above topics are covered at a more advanced level.
An additional level of artistic creation and style, stressing an individualized approach, is encouraged and custom designed.


Private or group lessons provided in my office or outside at an appropriate location. 
All lessons are customized to your needs.


I am based in Rochester, New York and can easily, and inexpensively, travel to any location to teach a course and am happy to meet online


English (native)
American Sign Language (basic communication)


I have permanent New York State Art certification and 16 years experience teaching a variety of courses including:

Drawing & Painting - basic drawing techniques, hand-eye coordination, figure drawing, portrait drawing, landscape, painting techniques, abstract
Ceramics & Sculpture - wheel throwing, sculpture, various firing techniques, glazing, clay recycling
Advertising / Graphic Design - fashion design, product design, graphic design, computer software, Adobe Photoshop, etc., QuarkXPress, digital photography, post processing, production industry experience
Interior Design - drafting, measuring, furniture history, cultural referencing
Fibers - batik, paper sculpture, paper bookmaking, tapestry and other weaving
Computer / Informatics - keyboarding, All MS office, Resume/CV writing and submission, presentation creation, interview techniques, Google, email techniques


Workshops are customizable for you, the student. Please contact me for a quote and to learn more about different options!