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Jess Kamens Photography: Biography Photographer Rochester NY

Learn about how I began Jess Kamens Photography, my traveling experiences, my inspirations and favorite things in life and ended up back with fellow photographers in Rochester NY.

B&W picture by Nick de Toth Photography
Portrait by Tomaš Zahumensky Photography

Portraits by Abigail Chopel Photography
yes. that kid with the camera is me.


"I've been all around this world." ~JG
I began in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
I was raised in Rochester, New York.
As an adult, I lived in Slovakia, Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, Germany.
I have finally returned back to Rochester with my little daughter.

I enjoy talking, connections, interesting conversation and playing. Kids make me laugh! I am a teacher, musician, traveler and lover of people. Tell me a story...



My work personality can be described as calm, yet extremely thorough and organized. I am subtle, but do not miss a moment. I enjoy capturing that look, moment, expression or smile that should not be missed. I am stubbornly dedicated to excellence and your satisfaction. It is important that you are not concerned at all so that we can enjoy our time together.


My style as ever-changing… crisp, but organic and natural, light-focused. I have two very different worlds that exist through my camera.

The first: I search, experiment, express and chase after moments on the street, through the woods, or throughout a new country, in order to capture a picture that will show/tell my story of adventure and interactions with people and the environment.

The second: I am given the honor of telling someone else's story. While working on those commissioned works, I encounter a fun, different and wonderful task - to express, through my lens (or eyes), what others are experiencing… their story.

As an Art teacher of 14 years, I can't think of a better combination of artistic expression, both aspects very different, and very rewarding. I enjoy NEW: new places, new people, new moments in time, new ways of visual storytelling and new ways of seeing life.



Absolutely. Travel is my passion so I welcome inquiries from far and beyond! I am available to travel worldwide (anywhere!) from my home base in Rochester, New York. I speak English and German!


Other things I like:   ·   computers   ·   traveling   ·   meeting people   ·   playing music   ·   splashing in puddles   ·   penguins   ·   teaching   ·   conversation   ·   hiking   ·   laughing   ·   trees   ·   electronics   ·   stickers   ·   skiing   ·   quiet   ·   hammocks   ·   sleeping   ·   my tent   ·   teaching   ·   children   ·   drums   ·   mountains   ·   rain   ·   my daughter   ·   my dog Timber   ·   good veggie food   ·   a real smile   ·   plants   ·   broccoli   ·   green   ·   fire   ·   fall leaves   ·   tofu   ·   snow   ·   smoothies   ·   floating in water   ·   sunshine   ·   rice   ·   tea   ·   spontaneous trips   ·   typing   ·   rings   ·   cheese   ·   dancing   ·   cakes   ·   movies   ·   books   ·   pretzels   ·   sparkling water   ·   mint   ·   new...