Weekly I look forward to the Brighton Farmer's Market, held year round, in Rochester, New York. These images focus on the summer and fall months, when the market is held outside at Brighton High School. This also focuses on are the amazing vendors. My daughter and I are there weekly and we are met with smiles, hellos, amazing food, beautiful sounds, furry friends to cuddle, sunshine (usually!), sidewalk chalk, an art table, an amazing wall to jump off of, trees to climb, food food and more food in this place where we go weekly to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. Without the vendors, and those who buy from them, this market would not exist and I, personally, am so grateful! Thank you to those who organize and go weekly, every morning, up bright and early and those who play music for us to enjoy. Thank you for making our Sunday mornings so special ... 

A man from Fellenz Family Farm in Phelps, NY prepares his stand for the market

The amazing produce, colors and friendly smiles from Fellenz Family Farm.
Challenge: Can you find his shoes? 

A woman from Chicory Blue Gardens in Spencerport arranges flowers to sell at Brighton Market

Chicory Blue Gardens in Spencerport always has the most amazing flowers and color combinations!

Owner of Lavender Moon in Honeoye Falls talks about his natural products

Lavender Moon has the incredible smelling everything! Their products are loved by so many. He also usually has hibiscus cooler out for all to enjoy. It's yummy.

James from Buzz Garden holds up some curly garlic
Jan from Deerhaven Farms in Naples talks with a customer about her organic tomatoes

James & Hayley from Buzz Garden are the best! Their produce is so so tasty and they are the kindest people. They helped set up a garden for a friend of mine and are so knowledgeable!

Paul & Jan from Deerhaven Farms in Naples take so much time with each customer to help them find their perfect everything. Their produce is so delicious! 

a woman purchases a bouquet of orange flowers

Suzanne DeMuth of Shady Lane Farm sells some beautiful gladioli!

Co-owner of Smugtown Mushrooms in Rochester, NY works the Brighton Farmers market

Smiling faces and yummy mushrooms from Smugtown Mushrooms.

someone chooses a bunch of beets to cook with
A woman working for Noto Fruit Farm and Cider Mill in Williamson, NY dumps peppers for customers to select

Noto Fruit Farm and Cider Mill where one can find delicious apple cider and more!

kids enjoy ice cream from Eat Me Ice Cream in Rochester, NY

On warmer days you might notice kids faces and clothes dripping with these unique, circular ice cream treats from Eat Me Ice Cream!

A woman shops for cucumbers at the market
families picnic on the lawn outside of the market
a vendor organizes her garlic

That day your clothing matches the produce.

SNAP recipients can use their benefits at the market to buy food
a woman holding yellow flowers and wearing a sun hat

The city of Rochester is fortunate enough to have several markets where SNAP benefits are accepted. Those who wish can use their benefits at the market and receive an extra 40% in benefits if they do so! It's amazing!

The colors. The flowers...

Owners of John John's Bakery in Rochester, New York sell their baked goods at the Brighton Farmers Market

Jon & John of Jon John's Bakery provide some of the best baked goods, treats, cakes and even mac & cheese that you can find! They are the happiest pair and they and their family always welcome everyone with a "Welcome to John John's Bakery! What can I get for you today?"

families shop at the market
Flour City Pasta is at the market

You can find EVERY type of delicious, homemade pasta at Flour City Pasta.

Bands perform at the Brighton Farmer's Market

One of the best parts of the market is the music. Amazing and talented musicians rotate weekly and the lovely sounds can be heard throughout the entire market. Kids dance to the music and musicians enjoy people watching and playing. It's the perfect blend.

people ride their bike on a nice day
lemonaid on a hot day
a mother talks to her toddler while babywearing her baby

Wear. Wear. Wear those babies!

children color pictures at the market

You can always find friendly young adults manning The Good Grub Club table, which encourages children at the Brighton Farmers’ Market to eat more of the delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables and to have a greater awareness of the sources of their food. They have sidewalk chalk and drawings that children can spend some time coloring.

children and families play
adults sitting on the grass in chairs talking
Flour City sells their bread at the market in Rochester

Flour City Bread Company's bread! That good. But have you tried their pretzels? The best I've had since moving back from Germany!

children draw with sidewalk chalk

By the end of the market each Sunday, the remnants of music + art show the happy thoughts and drawings left by our children for all to enjoy.

people sit on the steps of Brighton High School and enjoy the market on Sunday morning

Relaxing on the steps of Brighton High School.

Pot Pies from Newberry Park Pastries

Treat yourself one day to an amazing pot pie (every variety you can imagine!) from   Newbury Park Pastries!

Stuffed breads to buy at the market

These stuffed breads (not to mention the ravioli) are a temptation for me. I have to try hard not to resist the Pasta Classics food!

The owner of K&S Bischoping Farms from Williamson, NY explains apples to her customer

Friendly smiles are ALWAYS present at K&S Bischoping Farms from Williamson, NY. 

Lighthouse gardens displays their amazing, organic plants

Todd from Lighthouse Gardens has been our savior this year! When my lemongrass failed, he had his amazing plant, already huge, so that we could continue making our favorite tea. He has the best best herbs (we had many other plants from him in our garden as well!). His soil is the quality rich organic soil and our plants, herbs and everything just love it. He and his group are super knowledgeable and such kind people!

fresh garlic and onions
a man looks at buying bread

Martha Jane's parmesan breadsticks are to die for!

Brian's Kitchen's cookies are so tasty

Brian's Kitchen! The best cookies. My favorite are the peanut butter.

A woman talks to her customer

Ellie of Squash Blossom Farm owned by her partner Jeremiah Pacheco.

Bolton Farms owner talks to a customer

The greens from Bolton Farms are outstanding!

First Light Farm & Creamery has a stand at the Brighton Farmers Market on Sunday

First Light Farm & Creamery ... taste their cheeses! Mmmmmmmmm...

Stonecrop Farm owner sells fresh ginger next to her eggs and meat

Stonecrop Farm has such perfect eggs! Every week my daughter and I enjoy them! We are vegetarian, but I know from my family that their meats are healthy and happy. For a couple weeks (shown here) they had fresh ginger and it was amazing! 

Seaway Trail Honey has live bees at the market

Pat at Seaway Trail Honey is one of my daughter's favorite stops. She can look at the live bees, check out the honey bears and leave with a pipe cleaner bee. We love that yellow tent.

Owner of Honey Bee Happy & Healthy Herbs arranges her herbs

Honey Bee Happy & Healthy Herbs are amazing. They have lovely herbs, veggies and even amazing, organic, wheat pizza dough!

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