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Jess Kamens Photography: Rochester, NY Wedding Vendors


Supporting local event vendors is extremely important to me.
Research and networking has allowed me to bring together unique and artistic event and wedding venues,
small businesses who are owned by friends, friends of friends, funky, talented musicians and other trustworthy, kind folk.
I hope you will discover alternative suggestions that are new to you!
Feel free to ask me if you have any specific questions!


Tim Mieney / Productions by Tim
(more videos by Tim at

Tim is an absolutely wonderful Buffalo & Rochester videographer who takes creativity to an entirely new level. He is thoughtful and mindful and above all, thoroughly enjoys his work. Working with him will be a pleasure for everyone!


Mary Lester (Celtic Harp & Song)

Mary is well-known the upstate New York area for her beautiful sounds and songs. Her playing is calm and will make your ears dance. Her singing is strong and gentle. Mary often performs solor and with other local musicians for weddings and other events. She is truly amazing.

Alyssa Rodriguez

Alyssa is a stunning violin/fiddle player. She has such an amazing array of talents that include, but are not limited to, classical violin, jazz, swing, irish fiddle, ball folk, bluegrass fiddle, European style fiddling, Scandinavian fiddle and more. She is also a suzuki violion to children in the Rochester area. She would be a wonderful addition to your ceremony, cocktail hour and if you enjoy a bit of hoppin music for your reception, do consider!

Arise & Go

An amazing Celtic trio from Ithaca, NY featuring pipes, fiddles, whistles, and guitar... 3 musicians with strong backgrounds in Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, and Cape Breton music. They offer a wide array of styles and music suitable for a variety of settings, from ceremony to reception.  Each member of Arise & Go is also a professional classical musician, and as such can offer a great deal contrasting genres and styles. Absolutely check them out!

Mike Roddy (Scottish Bagpipes & classical and opera singer)

Michael covers a wide range of music as a classically trained singer as well as a bagpiper.  Michael hold degrees in vocal performance, and has sung with Mercury Opera Rochester, Opera Ithaca, Ithaca College Opera, the Mohawk Valley Choral Society, and many more. He also has 20 years of experience as a bagpiper including hundreds of weddings. Michael can offer the traditional Highland bagpipes, as well as quieter versions of the pipes more suitable to close quarters or more intimate settings. He is amazing.

The Genesee Revelers

An amazing band that plays a mix of covers as well as originals. Talented folk and so much fun. Catch them locally to see!

Hotel accomodation & bridal suites

East Ave Inn & Suites 

Zelma Collazo will work with you and your party to help you plan your (and your friend's and family's) perfect stay. She organizes group rates for out-of-town guests, bridal showers and parties, suites for wedding day preparation and overnight stays. Their suites are beautifully lit and extremely reasonably priced. There are courtyards right off the suites for enjoying the fresh air. They even have a rotating art exhibit displayed throughout the inn. Zelma is knowledgeable on local vendors and venues and very kind, patient and helpful.


Blue Line Family Vacations or on Facebook!

Kelly and Sue are so amazingly friendly, kind and patient. They will help you plan your travel needs and keep stress to a minimum for your holiday or honeymoon.

Grand Turizmo Travel

event planner

Weddings by Nicole

Fantastic planner who knows the ins and outs of events and wedding planning in Rochester NY.


Reisinger Performance Interpreting
FB: ReisingerPerformanceInterpreting

Terri is an absolutely incredible interpreter. She performs while providing the deaf community with an amazing feel of what is happening. Her music performance interpretation is like no other... she moves and dances and brings music to life. If you are looking for an interpreter for your event, this Rochester native is not only skilled, but really sweet to work with! More videos.


Jennifer Costello Wedding Officiant

Jennifer is attentive and cares deeply for her clients. She works extensively with couples to learn their story and help bring it to life through personal touches, guidance and experience. I highly recommend her for as a skilled officiant.

Flower City Nuptuals

Hair & makeup

Mekeup by Tierney

A unique, antique, calm, vintage approach to makeup!

Cheri Marie

Flawless, timless and individual hair and makeup that will fit any style!


Studio 180

Studio 180 is not only a classy place, it's artsy, funky, timeless and modern all thrown into one. John and Deb go above and beyond to make sure all guests are comfortable and well taken care of. They have an amazing setup for dancing, music, lights, bar and food (this is brilliant!). It is such an amazing place for a wedding (not to mention, to shoot at!) and I highly recommend.

West Wind Barns

Kindred Ground Barn

Kateland Farm Event Barn